Company overview
  • SENKO is an integrated logistics company in Japan which offers the specialized logistics services to about 50 companies and in housing/construction, chemistry, industrial equipment/facilities, fabrics/apparel, and food sectors, and it has about 340 local offices and agencies worldwide. (A sales of KRW 3800 billion and about 8,000 employees, based on the consolidated financial statement of year 2011)
  • [1] Business scope of SENKO
  • SENKO 업무범위
  • [6] SENKO ‘s global networks
  • - With Asia as the center, it provides the best logistics services by creating global networks including Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.
    - In case of China, it has established foreign braches in the coastal areas in order to quickly cope with the increasing demands of logistic
    services between Korea, China, and Japan.

  • Heung Hwa Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • As a representative construction company, Heung Hwa Industry Co.,Ltd. offers its specialized construction and logistics services in various areas including civil engineering/house architecture/construction, steel structures(steel), and overseas plants. As of 2011, the sales was KRW 238.5 billion and the asset was KRW 484.9 billion.

    [1] Business information
    Company name Heung Hwa Industry Co.,Ltd.
    Address 117 Goedong-dong Nam-gu, Pohang city, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    Representative Seung-in Yang, Chung-kyu Lee
    Capital KRW 24.2 billion

    [2] Business area
    Civil engineering Civil engineering/construction works, design and build excrements disposal facilities and etc.
    Construction Construction works of fire-fighting facilities, electricity, and information communications, Construction of military facilities
    Housing House construction, registration of house construction, construction and lotting-out of houses, commercial stores, and buildings, lease and trading of real estates
    Steel structures Installation works of steel structures, Production and sale of steel structures, Production and sale of tanks and large pipes, rental of heavy equipment
    Overseas business Overseas construction works(civil engineering, industrial facilities), trading
    Others Scholarship funding, social welfare, construction and donation of residential facilities for the disabled