Business scope
Logistics information
  • Stably operates the standardized work process and optimum logistics information system in order to provide logistics center-oriented integrated logistics service.
  • Provides the specific logistical information which supports the whole global shipping process.
  • Obtains efficiency and visibility of the service and shortens time for logistics by utilizing ubiquitous logistical technologies.
  • Offers customer-centered services of the logistics information system, resulting in a reduction in logistics cost and an increase in productivity/efficiency.
  • System Key functions
    OMS System - Determines purchase price, and manages the customer information from orders to receipts in an integrated way.
    - Supports effective control of SCM and sales of customers and partner companies.
    WMS System - By adopting operations including warehousing/release of freights, inventory management, TPL packaging/distribution processing, and digital picking system, it reduces logistics expense, and reduces/uses lead time of the customers’ cargoes in an effective way.

    - By collecting and sharing the information regarding warehousing/release and inventory in real time on the barcode/RFID system, it supports to enhance visibility and traceability of the cargoes.
    TMS System - Systemically builds shipping and vehicle allocation system of the port logistics complex in connection with shipping companies to manage shipping plans/execution and shipping records in an effective fashion and also to tighten business relationship with the partner companies.

     - Through real-time tracking, it supports to secure visibility of the freights.
    Incoming and outgoing trade system - Enhances flow of importing/exporting cargoes and increases efficiency of the logistics process by executing cargo declaration of importing/exporting bonded cargoes, control of inbound/outbound process, handling of LCL cargoes, and control of stockpiles
    - Introduces barcode/RFID technologies to build real-time control system for bonded cargoes, to handle inbound/outbound freights in a fast/precise way, and to enhance management capacity for stockpiles.
    - Creates interface networking system for inbound/outbound declaration of bonded cargoes and declaration of approval
    Container yard management system - Container yard management system grasps conditions and location of the containers, equipment information, and shipping schedules of the containers within the yard in real time.
    - Supports to reduce loading/unloading time and enhance efficiency of the relevant equipment.
    ERP system - Works related to personnel affairs/payroll/finance/accounting
    - Draw strategies and reset business goals by collecting KPI, ROI, and the likes per logistics unit.
    - Collects and reports logistics records/performance and results of the analysis, and supports to make right decisions.
    Supportive system - Gate control : Manages gate entrance of container vehicles/general cargo vehicles.
    - Control of logistics resources : Registers/collects information of manpower/equipment/facilities, patents held, and logistics technologies
    - Control of logistics standard/service rates : Manages standards related to logistics resources and information, and analyzes/Registers/Changes service rates.
    - Payment and customs refund: Sums up logistics records and bills for the service, Customs refund EDI