PR center
Equipment owned
Y/T Length / width 5,365mm/2,450mm
Wheel Base 2,946mm
Track width 2,055mm
Radius of rotation 6.5m
Speed 45km/h
Axial load Max. 250KN
Y/C Length 14,275mm
Chassis length 1,718mm
Axial load 16,000kg
Max. capacity 60,000kg
Number of axles 2
Adjustable container 2×20', 1×40', 1×45'
R/S Lifting capacity Level 4 45,000kg
Level 5 43,000Kg
Lifting height 15.1m이상
Hoisting speed 0.29m/s~0.32m/s
Equipment Equipment width 4.184mm
Angle of arm Max. 60
F/L (32ton) Lifting capacity At 1200mm of load center 32,000 Kg
Lifting height Max. height of fork 4,000mm (H4)
Min. height of mast 3,820mm (H3)
Max. height of mast 5,820mm (H5)
본체 중량(Service weight) About 32,900 kg
Others In case of F/L, 4.5t F/L for warehousing and release process and electric F/L for distribution
processing were introduced.